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Gunung Palung National Park is one of the most important conservation areas in West Kalimantan that characterized by high biodiversity and a wide range of ecosystems with their associated floral and faunal communities. As well as for its great conservation value, the park is also an important centre for research and environmental education, a reservoir of genetic resources and a tourism attraction. Within the park, Lubuk Baji and Kubang Hill has been designated as a site that has high tourism potential due to its extremely diverse flora, fauna and beautiful scenery, including with the interesting Balinese community of Begasing village.

Gunung Palung National Park provides suitable habitats for Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii), including fresh-water swamp forest, peat-swamp forest, lowland dipterocarp forest, and lower mountain forest. They spend most of their lives high in the trees where they feed, eating mainly fruits, leaves, tree-bark and insects. Male orangutan, reaching a weight of 90 kg and an arm-span of up to 2.4 m, have enlarged cheek pads and make distant calls to defend their territory.

Our efforts to conserve the biodiversity and empower the local community by sustainable utilization are develop ecotourism program in the park collaborates with Yayasan Palung (as Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program). Will you try? Please, visit to our park…